Our Story
Family Farm View

In 1884, when my great great grandfather, Mathias Eischen, purchased our family farm in Cornelius, Oregon - the city had not been established and the area was known as Free Orchards. Since then, the family has farmed everything from cattle, chickens, sheep, wheat, forestry, honey bees, orchards, to a variety of summer gardens. Many family members have had successful careers started from the work ethics they've learned while on the family farm.

In 2017, after years of working on startups in the software technology field and feeling burnt out on screen time related work, I decided to start a business that would be more hands on while still using my degree in Business Administration and experience in technology. I decided to start making simple home & living furnishings and hope to distribute them online. Additionally, I recieved a matching grant from Mercy Corp NW and CASA of Oregon to help purchase some equipment and inventory.

Free Orchards™ is a brand that I hope embodies multi-generational ideas, care for the environment, connection with our community, and sustainable business practices while maintaining high quality products. People, particularly the less fortunate, are a big motivation for my entrepreneurship; and I take pride in the heritage of my family roots and am grateful for all the good & tough blessings of the Lord. I look forward to this journey ahead with you and everyone else! Stay Tuned.

Jonathan Eischen
Free Orchards, LLC
Founder / Woodworker

Jonathan Eischen